Setting Up a Worm Composting Bin

Description: Detailed instructions for setting up a 'deluxe' Rubbermaid worm composting bin.

It's easy!
  1. First, collect as much "browns and greens" as you can!
    "Browns" are dry materials like wood chips, dried leaves, grass and other plants. World Centric's products fall in this category. It works even better when you shred the items into smaller pieces and soak it with water!
    "Greens" are fresh, moist materials like fresh grass cuttings and food scraps (don't put meats, fats or grease in there, or you'll attract pests!).
  2. Secondly, put an approximately equal amount of browns and greens into a heap or a bin. If you want to to ensure that your pile does not smell, go ahead and add more browns (1 part green, 2 parts brown). Remember to cover your food scraps with other materials!
  3. Third, soak the pile with water! Try not to over-soak it. It should be as damp as a wrung-out sponge, but no more!
  4. Wait a week, then soak, turn and stir the pile.
  5. Keep adding, soaking and stirring! Your compost should be ready in 3-6 months!
Problems? References
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