Aloterra Partnership for U.S. Grown & Manufactured Miscanthus Fiber Products

We are proud to announce our partnership with Aloterra to produce compostable food packaging made from miscanthus fiber, grown and harvested in the USA.

Miscanthus: Cultivating a Brighter Future from Good Start Packaging on Vimeo.

This partnership:
We chose to collaborate with Aloterra due to their deep experience with developing vertically integrated biomass projects, and their shared commitment to social, environmental and economic justice.  Since 2010, Aloterra has been developing vertically integrated biomass projects starting with U.S. farmers and establishing the logistics, product development, manufacturing, and marketing to produce multiple products. Aloterra believes it is critical to have a stable, consistent, and sustainable biomass supply system that only dedicated perennial crops can provide. They see their work as the next generation of agribusiness. 

Aloterra’s Miscanthus farming operation occupies 4,000 acres of marginal land – not suitable to grow food crops like corn or soybeans - in Ohio and Pennsylvania. This project is unique as it supports both manufacturing jobs and farmers who are earning income on marginal land that would otherwise be lost to development or go idle. There are more than 30 million acres of marginal farmland in the Midwest.

“World Centric® and Aloterra are values-aligned. We are proud to domestically manufacture and sell certified compostable food packaging, sourced from U.S.-grown, environmentally beneficial plant fiber utilizing marginalized lands, while the same time creating jobs and providing income to farmers.”
- Scott Coye-Huhn, Founder and Chief Legal Officer, Aloterra

About Miscanthus

Miscanthus Giganteus is a large, perennial grass crop resembling bamboo, which is grown on non-food producing American farmland.  Once planted, it produces a harvest each year for 15+ years, thereby providing an additional income stream for farmers. 

World Centric® and Aloterra believe that transparency and the integrity of sustainability claims for the entire supply chain are critically important for customers transitioning to Made in the USA foodservice ware. With that in mind, the entire supply chain – from the growing of the crops, to the pulp, to the final foodservice package – will be independently certified to The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (“RSB”) standard.

Beginning in 2015, Aloterra will be manufacturing our 9” plate and a selection of clamshell containers at their flagship factory in Ohio.

To learn more about this collaboration and our plans for miscanthus fiber products, please refer to our press release.