Happy New Year to our valued customers!

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. We are grateful for your ongoing commitment to creating a more just and sustainable world. In 2014, thanks to you and your World Centric purchases, we were able to prevent 5,200 tons of plastic and Styrofoam™ from ending up in landfills. We offset 100% of the carbon emissions due to the production of our compostable products, and we donated 25% of our profits to support social and environmental justice. We could not have done any of this without you!


To kick off 2015, we have some exciting new products to share with you, and new sizes for some of our most popular items.


With Gratitude,

The World Centric Team

New Products

8oz Fiber Bowl

Made from leftover agricultural fiber.
Pack Count: 50

Case Count: 500

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Plant Fiber Lid for 4oz Fiber Bowls

Made from leftover agricultural fiber.


Pack Count: 50
Case Count: 2000
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24oz Clear Round Deli Container

Made from NatureWorks Ingeo.


Pack Count: 50

Case Count: 500
Fits lid DCL-CS-12
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32oz Clear Round Deli Container

Made from NatureWorks Ingeo™.


Pack Count: 25

Case Count: 500
Fits lid DCL-CS-12
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9Q-24 oz Cup Clear Lid - Souffle Holder

Made from NatureWorks Ingeo™.

Pack Count: 100

Case Count: 1000

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Coming Soon!

We expect to have the following new items in stock within the next month.


• 6" Asian Soup Spoon - Made from 70% PLA and 30% talc.

• Plant Fiber Lid for 24-32oz Plant Fiber Bowls - Made from leftover agricultural fiber.

• PLA-Lined 8.8x6.8x2.25 Plant Fiber Box - Lined with PLA for enhanced leak resistance. Made from leftover agricultural fiber.

Heavyweight 9x9x3 Fiber Clamshells (1 and 3 Compartment) - 50% more fiber for increased moisture barrier and stacking strength! Made from leftover agricultural fiber.

Featured Customer

An avid cyclist, Dave Simon is most comfortable on a bicycle seat. So it’s only fitting that his first entrepreneurial venture, Black Magic Coffee, is a mobile coffee and espresso bar. After years of working in healthcare industry and later for a bicycle shop, Dave launched Black Magic Coffee, based in Boston, MA. “I had always wanted to have a café of my own,” Dave says. “I considered a truck, but when I finally took the leap, I decided to open a mobile espresso bar catering company.”

Dave travels throughout the greater Boston area with a commercial style espresso machine and grinder, on a cart. While he has a few standing gigs – mostly farmers markets and art fairs – the majority of his business comes from catering: weddings, private parties and corporate events. Black Magic Coffee travels to its customers, from co-working spaces to major companies such as ZipCar, PayPal, MailChimp and Twitter, where Dave sets up his espresso bar every Friday.

For his coffee and his coffee cups, Dave wanted to something different that would set him apart. He chose to feature smaller, artisanal coffee roasters and compostable cups, so that both the product he offered and the cups he served it in mirrored his values.  “My family and I do what we can for the environment,” Dave explains. “It’s one of those things that I don’t waver on.”  After exploring several brands of compostable cups, Dave selected World Centric because he liked the look of World Centric’s designs and price-wise didn’t feel like he was spending much more than he would for traditional white disposable cups.
Dave uses the story behind his cups as a talking point. “I always communicate about the cups, and I travel with a recycling and a composting bin.  I make sure that people know that these cups aren’t wasted.”


Our Giving

Donations are an integral part of our business model. Each year we give at least 25% of our net profits to grassroots community projects around the world to promote social and economic development, environmental education, and self-sufficiency. Last year we donated $232,265.00, of which $114,857.00 was in the form of cash donations to over 17 non-profits. To view a full list of organizations we partnered with, visit our website!

Featured Non-Profit Partner

Global Student Embassy (GSE)’s mission is to empower young leaders to become environmental stewards, social innovators, and community leaders. Founded by brothers Lucas and Jasper Oshun, GSE encompasses student education, youth leadership programs, environmental restoration projects, and an innovative cross-cultural exchange program connecting their headquarters in Sebastopol, California, to Chacraseca, Nicaragua, and Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. Now in its eighth year, GSE works with 7 high schools in California and over 10 high schools internationally. Lucas, Executive Director, spoke with World Centric about the impact of their programs.
What are some of the challenges you see facing today’s youth and how does GSE hope to help strengthen young leaders?
Today young people have much more exposure to the environmental and agricultural problems we face in our societies. Developmentally speaking they know far more about the scope of environmental issues, but this increased information is not being paired with the ever important answers to the 'what can we do about it?' question. That is where our organization comes in, we try to focus on the proactive solutions based considerations. It is important to understand the scope of the problems, but this can be overwhelming to young people. We feel we know enough to begin working! 
How do students take the knowledge they gain in the garden and apply it to environmental issues such as climate change and deforestation?
Many of our students plan to pursue lines of work related to conservation biology, sustainable farming, environmental advocacy, etc. For those participants who will not pursue work or study we see that their experiences raise their level of consciousness about their bioregion as well as global environmental themes. Our students develop an understanding of how water resources, forests, land management and sustainable food production relate to politics, economics and culture, and this helps prepare them to navigate the 21st century.

What is the impact you’ve seen from your reforestation program in Ecuador? 
GSE has reforested 30,000 trees to date. We have seen more diversity in birds and understory plants already even just after 4 years. We have also seen participation by the local community grow tremendously.

What milestones over the last 6 years have shaped the goals of GSE today?
Creating strong leadership in Nicaragua and Ecuador has generated successful project outcomes and this has led us to plan to expand the scale of our projects over the coming years. The same has been true with school garden projects in Northern California: strong participation by students, parents and teachers has led us to understand what powerful community building projects school gardens can be, this has motivated us to build more! We currently run 15 school gardens in the greater Bay Area.

How can our customers support GSE?
People can support by donating at globalstudentembassy.org. Also if people live in Marin, Sonoma, Alameda, Contra Costa, or Santa Cruz Counties there are many opportunities to get involved. Please see our website and reach out! We are also always excited to learn about new potential partner high schools and universities and to be connected to funders!


Employees in Action

Employees at World Centric spent an afternoon with Global Student Embassy! The Village Park Garden in Sebastopol was the founding garden project for GSE. The garden is tended by students who grow food to donate to local food banks and community organizations. We worked with the students to prepare the garden for winter by mulching pathways and planting cover crops and hearty greens.

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