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Sample Packs

Usually leaves our warehouse in 1-2 business days.


Sample boxes are available for $2 plus shipping per sample box. Please note that Sample Boxes are exempt from the minimum order requirement of $25 subtotal value.

Generic Sample Pack Includes:
Bagasse/Wheatstraw and Paper products:

  • Plant Fiber Traditional Plates: 6" plate and 9" plate
    (SKU# PL-SC-U6 & SKU# PL-SC-U9)
  • Plant Fiber Square Plate: 7" Square Plate
  • Plant Fiber Party Plates: 7" Party Plate with Wine Holder and 9" Party Plate with Cup Holder
  • Plant Fiber Cup: 4 oz unbleached bagasse/wheatstraw souffle cup
    (SKU# CU-SC-U4)
  • Paper Cups: 12oz Ingeo™ lined hot paper cup and 16oz Ingeo™ lined kraft hot paper cup
    (SKU# CU-PA-12 and SKU# CU-PA-16-K)
  • Plant Fiber Bowls: 11.5 oz bagasse/wheatstraw bowl and bagasse/wheatstraw burrito bowl with Ingeo™ lid
  • Paper Bowls: 8 oz Ingeo™ lined paper bowl with Ingeo™ lid
    (SKU# BO-PA-8 and SKU# BOL-CS-8)
  • To-Go Container: 8.5" bagasse/wheatstraw clamshell
    (SKU# TO-SC-U85-3)
Bioplastics (PLA-Plant Starch):
  • Bioplastic lid for 12oz & 16oz hot paper cups (SKU# CUL-CS-12)
  • Cutlery: fork, spoon & knife that can withstand up to 200 degrees F
    (SKU# FO-PS-6 and SKU# SP-PS-6 and SKU# KN-PS-6)
  • Container: 2oz cold souffle cup and lid
    (SKU# CP-CS-2S and SKU# CPL-CS-2S)
  • Cup: 12 oz Ingeo™, 16 oz cold cup and flat lid
    (SKU# CP-CS-12 and SKU# CP-CS-16 and SKU# CPL-CS-12)
  • Straws: 8” wrapped straw
    (SKU# ST-CS-8W)

To request specific samples: Please list the specific samples needed in the Special Instructions Box and list by SKU # when finalizing your order in the shopping cart. This can be located on the last page of checkout entitled 'Review and Submit Order'. If specific samples are not requested, the generic biocompostables sample pack above will be sent.

World Centric® prides itself on being one of the largest suppliers of unbleached fiber products. If you would like to specify bleached products that we have in stock, feel free to request that in the 'Special Instructions' box.

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Sample Requests

Have questions about ordering a sample pack? Need help with our products? Feel free to call us directly at (707)241-9190 to speak with a Customer Service representative.

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