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Unbleached Plant Fiber Pet Food Bowls

Finally, a safe, easy way to keep your pets and family safe from germs and food contamination left in a dirty pet food bowl. Use this compostable plant fiber bowl as a stand-alone food bowl or as a liner in your pet’s favorite food dish…just compost the mess after each meal.

Our plant fiber pet food bowls are made from wheatstraw fiber. Wheatstraw is not only an annually renewable resource, but can also be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper. Wheatstraw is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted. 

Our compostable bowls are:

Read more about wheatstraw here...

Available Products

  • Small Pet Food Bowls (Unbleached)
  • Ideal for cats & small dogs
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  • Sold As: Case of 300
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