Custom Designs

Looking for a compostable solution for your products? Send your project ideas our way. World Centric is committed to helping our customers develop their own compostable products.

Popular areas of product development are:


Step 1: Determine which material will work for your products: fiber-based material or compostable plastics.

Fiber based: We work with bagasse (sugar cane fiber) and wheat straw. Fiber-based products are extremely durable and are an excellent, easily renewable substitute for wood-fiber paper products. They can handle hot liquids up to 190 F, and are microwaveable, oven-safe and freezer-safe. There is no wax lining and products will have a smooth finish. We can even emboss your logo onto the finished product. Please see the Bagasse material page for more information on product specifications.

Compostable plastics: Our bags, utensils, clear cold containers are all made from certified compostable resins derived from corn starch/PLA. Compostable plastics for the most part mimic plastic properties but differ in a few properties. Color printing is an option. Please see the Bioplastics (PLA) page for more information on product specifications.

If you are not familiar with our products, we recommend you order sample packs of our fiber-based and corn starch/PLA products to test for compatibility with your project idea.

Step 2: Estimate the project requirements. Projects need to meet a minimum order quantity.


Step 3: Begin the design process. Below is an estimation of the design timeframe. It will vary depending on project complexity.

1. Initial Design (2-3 weeks)

Please note that World Centric design time is billed at $150/hour.


2. Prototype Mold (4 weeks)

3. Pricing – Pricing finalized (based on confirmed prototype mold sample and unit weight, the unit pricing is confirmed.)

4. Production Mold (4 weeks) – Mold(s) created (production mold costs range from $5000-$15,000, based on design, complexity and forming process [injection molding, thermoforming, etc.])

5. Production (6-8 weeks) – Production of order from approved mold(s.)

Please call us at 707-241-9190 to speak to a Customer Service Representative for more information.