Compostable To-go Containers and Clamshells

Ingeo™ To-Go Clear Clamshells

These clear, Ingeo™ clamshells are perfect for fruit, salads and luke-warm foods, up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. They are derived from plants grown in the U.S.A. They come in 6"x6"x3", 9"x5" and 8"x8"x3" sizes.

Plant Fiber To-Go Clamshells

These plant fiber to-go containers are made from wheatstraw obtained after grain extraction. They can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees F and are great for hot items. We carry an assortment of sizes (small burger box to 9"x9"x3") and also carry some clamshells with compartments. Our clamshells are primarily unbleached, so they come in a natural light brown color.

Plant Fiber COMPOST-A-PAK™

These new folding takeout containers are made from plant fiber and are great for both hot (up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit) and cold items.  Available in 8.5"x6.6"x3" size.