Why Support Us

When we started in 2005 to offer compostable products, we were one of the first in the market to do so. Now, there are several companies to choose from. If, you choose to purchase from us, you are supporting a company, for whom not profits but environmental sustainability and social justice are more important. A company who believes in making a difference in the world by how they do business, in the values they hold, in the products they sell and in what they do with their profits.

We are a community supported company, with no venture money telling us how to run and what to do with any profits we may have. Please visit our Goals & Values and our Sustainability section to find out what we are doing and why your support is important for us .

We encourage you to to use re-usable tableware as much as possible. When you do need disposable tableware, we hope you will choose us. Revenue from our biocompostables support our sustainability and giving efforts. We hope you can join us to create a world of sustainability and equality. A better world is possible and it is up to us to create it.