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Take a moment to review the Eco-profiles we've added to the About Compostables section of our web site! World Centric compostable products require less energy to manufacture vs. petroleum plastics and foam. Our products also generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions and typically require less water vs. petroleum plastics and foam!

In our Compostable Materials Overview, we dig a little deeper into the benefits and limitations of using wheat straw molded fiber, corn-based compostable plastic and sustainably harvested paper. Different compostable materials offer different combinations of benefits and limitations.

We know compostable products are part of the journey to acheiving foodservice and take-out sustainability. Keep yourself informed so you can make the best environmental purchasing decisions!

Your support helps World Centric continue to be a Giving Based Organization. Thank you for your continued support!

1. FDA Feeling the Heat on Genetically Engineered Salmon (Center for a Livable Future): U.S. Food and Drug Administration extends its public comment period by another 60 days on its approval of the first genetically-engineered animal in the U.S. food supply. 

2. India's Rice Revolution (The Guardian): Indian farmers set crop yield record using a GMO-free
System of Rice (or root) Intensification (SRI) method.

3. Asia Pulp and Paper Halts Clearing in Indonesian Natural Forests (Bloomberg): Group says it has halted all of its suppliers from clearing natural forests as of February.

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And... as always.. please remember to compost your organics waste


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