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World Centric is proud to announce it is now a Novation-awarded supplier in the Green Disposables category!

Novation is a leading supply contracting company for the health care industry, serving more than 65,000 members of VHA Inc. and UHC, two national healthcare alliances, and Provista, LLC.

We look forward helping Novation achieve its vision to offer increased supply chain efficiency. To learn more, please visit or contact a World Centric representative. Please reference Novation Contract FD1307.

Contacts Products

Are you Interested in helping support a fun and educational web series that encourages kids to take action against climate change? If so, take a look at one of our favorite new programs - The Green Ninja!

The Green Ninja is a climate-action superhero who fights global warming by inspiring informed personal action. A series of webisodes highlight the adventures of the Green Ninja as he negotiates some of the trickiest areas in climate science.

Our friends at Green Ninja ( are currently looking to receive funding to expand their program via Please take a moment to consider making a donation to their cause at the Green Ninja page! You can learn more about Green Ninja by viewing the videos below.

Green Ninja Kickstarter Overview

Green Ninja Episode - "Footprint Renovation"

The Green Ninja project is a collaborative effort between scientists, educators, and artists to create compelling experiences that illustrate the connections between humans and our changing climate. The goal is to inspire personal action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The project is based at San Jose State University (SJSU) and includes faculty from the College of Science, College of Humanities and the Arts, and Spartan Film Studios.

This month World Centric would like to highlight our partners at Good Start Packaging by featuring a special purchasing promo at the new Good Start Packaging webstore.

Good Start Packaging is offering all new customers $125 off their first purchase of $500 or more by using the coupon code "2013WC2".  This promotion is valid through March 2013.  Good Start provides free delivery of World Centric products for all West Coast and NYC area customers. 
Please visit to take advantage of this offer!

The World Centric team is happy to report the completion of an organic farming library and training center in Kenya's North Rift Valley! A donation from World Centric helped fund the project, which was implemented by OTEPIC.

We last gave an update on the training center in October - now take a look at the before-and-after images!

The training center will help educate people in the North Rift about biointensive farming, which will enable them to have a secure source of food and to create sustainable occupations.

OTEPIC is a registered community-based organization that works with poor farmers, especially women, in Kenya's Western North Rift Valley. Through grass roots development work, they improve food security, soil fertility and empower local communities. Educating women effectively improves the standard of living for the whole community.

To learn more about World Centric's donations, zero carbon efforts and sustainabilty programs, please visit our Sustainability page.

Need help finding a commercial composting facility in your area? Find one here!


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