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World Centric is now offering pre-consumer recycled paper plates and clamshells that are 100% compostable and made in the USA!

We are currently stocking 9-inch round plates, 9-inch single-compartment clamshells and 9-inch 3-compartment clamshells. Please take a look at the images below or download our  spec sheet here.




If you are interested in learning more about our new US-made PCR paper products, please visit our product page or contact one of our sales representatives.

"About Compostables"

World Centric's commitment to composting is a commitment to sustainability! That's why we've revamped our web-site to include a new "About Compostables" section.

Here you can find information about composting and compostable products... and why they are better for the environment than petroleum-based alternatives. We've also included an informative glossary to help you identify and define the many different terms associated with compostable products.

Please take some time to give our new "About Compostables" section a read, and decide whether compostable products would be a  good fit at your business or home.

World Centric donates to Seattle based
People for Progress in India (PPI) to support grassroots social and environmental projects. A recent project funded through PPI was a bio-sand water filtration campaign in the Indian state of Karnataka, allowing for the contruction of 50 bio-sand water filters in three villages of the Chikmagalore district. The project is helping provide easy access to safe and sustainable drinking water through the contruction of bio-sand water filters and education about water-borne illnesses.

Bio-sand filters are a point of use filtration system, developed from slow sand filters, which remove pathogens and suspended solids from water. Compared to chlorination or solar disinfection, bio-sand filters are easier to operate and less expensive, making them a good water filtration alternative in developing countries. Water-borne illnesses are a leading cause of childhood mortality in India, with dysentery also being common.

Below are images of the recent VIKASANA demonstration process and the contruction of several filters. A diagram of the filtration process is also shown above.

Demonstration of Mold for Bio-sand Filters

Contruction of New Molds

Filling the Molds

Finished Concrete Filters

To learn more about People for Progress in India please visit To learn more about World Centric's donations, zero carbon efforts and sustainabilty programs, please visit our Sustainability page.

World Centric was happy to be a participating sponsor of the Silicon Valley YMCA's 6th annual Marsh Madness Run, Saturday, October 27th.

Marsh Madness is an annual 5K/10K running and walking event to raise funds and awareness for growing youth health challenges and combat the youth obesity epidemic.

Marsh Madness is presented by the Palo Alto Family YMCA in collaboration with the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

Great work by our colleagues Leila, Matt and Daniel for running!

And... as always please remember to compost your organics waste


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