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The World Centric Team recently took a tour of the municipal solid waste composting program at the Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy, California (Santa Clara County).

At the Z-Best facility, all materials are processed in an enclosed 20,000 square foot building to remove non-compostable items. The compostable items are then shredded and transported to the composting area where they are ejected into a 350-foot long bag that houses all the compostable wastes. PVC pipes are also introduced into the bag and used to aerate the compostable materials.

Retention time in the bags is about four months, then the contents are removed, turned and cured prior to screening. The materials are then transported to a screening system that is used to remove any larger materials which are then disposed. The smaller compostable materials are stockpiled and cured for an additional four weeks before being screened again.

Currently the facility accepts up to 350 tons per day of municipal solid compostable wastes from commercial establishments and area cities.

While Z-Best is doing a great job of reducing waste by creating rich compost, plastic contamination is still a huge problem. Just like our recent visit to the Bay Are's Newby Island compost facility, If you look closely, you can see that plastic is a major contaminant at Z-Best as well. The best way to avoid contaminating compost is to make sure that only compostable material is thrown into your compost bins! No petroleum plastic products -- and especially no plastic bags!

A special thanks to Alex Sharpe for letting us tour the Z-Best Compost Facility!

Take a moment to read World Centric's press release for the first certified compostable toothbrush in the USA!

Click the images below to view a full PDF of the press release!

AND... if you don't have commercial composting available in your community, World Centric will even provide a prepaid envelope so you can mail it back to be composted!

Taking a bite out of dental product waste!

Are you a restaurant or business-owner located in California?

Please join World Centric in endorsing California State Bill 568 (Lowenthal) – the state phase-out of polystyrene take-out food containers.

Click HERE to find a sample letter of support you can send to your Assemblymember. If you are not certain who your current Assemblymember is, you can link HERE to search for them. 

Please also feel free to send your copy of this letter to World Centric ( - a company representative will then submit the letter on your behalf.

About SB 568:

SB 568 (Lowenthal) is a way to reduce litter caused by polystyrene foam (Styrofoam™) take-out food containers on California’s streets and in its waterways.

Studies by several California municipalities and the Department of Transportation (Cal Trans) find that polystyrene comprises 15% of street and storm drain litter. This type of litter breaks apart into small pieces that are blown around easily by wind- it is therefore the most difficult type of litter to clean up.Litter – especially foam litter -- is also bad for business as it is an eyesore and easily blows off sidewalks, streets, or out of garbage cans. 

If a state-wide ban were implemented, it would create a level playing field for restaurants. They would not be competing with food establishments in neighboring cities that do not have to comply with a ban on polystyrene food service containers.

Thank you for your willingness to pledge your support for this piece of ground-breaking Legislation.


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