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Do you ever wonder exactly how your compostable disposable products biodegrade after you throw them in a commercial composting bin? 

Our friends at Mariposa County Solid Waste Compost Facility in Mariposa, CA, recently agreed to let us document the process under ideal composting conditions at their state-of-the art in-vessel composting system!

Mariposa County's compost facility is the first of its kind in California, with an in-vessel composting system entirely enclosed within a building, including an air and odor control system and a water re-circulation system. Via a computer system, technicians monitor and adjust the temperature and airflow within each vessel to create ideal composting conditions. The system allows for organics waste to be converted to compost within 28 days!

Take a look at the images below to see how we've submitted our products for testing and documentation. While we anticipate that our products will leave no trace behind, we are also documenting the process so we can watch as everything biodegrades.

World Centric products were placed inside the composting vessel on May 31st. Tune in to next month's World Centric Newsletter to see the final results and an overview of the Mariposa Compost program.

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