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We are happy to announce brand new designs for two of our certified compostable products!

1. Compostable/Recyclable Hot Cup Sleeves
  • Compostable and/or Recyclable!
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper!
  • No Glue and less paper!
  • "Fold and use" design
Our new Hot Cup Sleeves are in stock and ready to order! Our old design will be discontinued as we run out of our current stock.

2. Certified Compostable 8x8x3 Clear Ingeo Clamshells
  • Clearer labeling
  • New design available the first week of August.
  • We will be discontinuing our current design as we run out of stock. 
Please contact your World Centric Sales Representative to learn more.

World Centric was proud to be a sponsor of the composting operation at this year's High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA, July 5-8.

Our thanks go out to the festival producers and our friends at Clean Vibes for helping to green the 4-day festival by diverting food scraps and compostable products to the Northern Recycling commercial composting facility in Zamora, CA. We'll have the diversion rate available for you in next months newsletter. Check back in August!

World Centric Founder and CEO Aseem Das was just featured in a great article by the UK's Financial Times!

Read the article: "Expat Lives: A Blueprint to Go Green"
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Last month we told you that our friends at the Mariposa County Solid Waste Compost Facility in Mariposa, CA, agreed to let us test some of our products at their state-of-the art in-vessel composting system.

Our products were added to an input batch of mixed solid waste from Yosemite National Park. The 28-day process started with a 7-day high-heat "cook" to kill any pathogens, followed by another 21 days of sustained high temperature and aeration, so the environment inside the compost vessel could achieve ideal composting conditions.

Not all of the waste included in the testing batch was compostable, as this particular load was to be used as alternative daily cover (ADC) at the Mariposa Landfill. Mariposa Compost will often process mixed MSW within their digesters as a way to create ADC, which is cheaper than using expensive dirt that needs to be hauled in from off-site.

We encountered one problem during our testing - the wire cage that we hoped would allow us to find our products within the composting vessels actually ended up preventing some of our products from becoming entirely submerged in the waste. Therefore, the items that were not entirely submerged did not experience ideal composting conditions and the rate of biodegrading was not as fast as some of the other products that were fully submerged. Stay tuned as we will continue to test products as Mariposa!

Wheat Straw Plate


A piece of the handle on this utensil was not submerged - the rest of the utensil composted

Finished Product (ADC)

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What's the difference between compostable and biodegradable; commercial composting and backyard composting; Eco-labeling and green-washingLearn the difference here.

And... as always... please remember to compost your organics waste


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