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World Centric is happy to announce it will once again be working with Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to offset carbon emissions generated in 2011.

Manufacturing and distribution of World Centric products generated a total of 5,391 tons of carbon in 2011. Through a $25,000 grant to RAN's Climate Action Fund and Protect-an-Acre program, World Centric will be offsetting 4,927 tons of carbon. The additional amount of carbon will be offset through a $2,000 donation to support tree planting projects implemented by People for Progress in India.

World Centric is investing directly in community-based organizations, Indigenous federations and small NGOs that are working to protect millions of acres of forest. The projects these grant programs support help prevent forest loss while also sequestering carbon from the atmosphere through ecosystem restoration and reforestation.

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World Centric is happy to announce the addition of our compostable INGEO™ bioplastic sushi container & lid (
7x5x2), plant fiber hoagie tray (15x6.5x6), and INGEO™ bioplastic salad bowls & lids (32oz & 48oz).

If you are interested in more information or if you want to pre-order samples of these new products for review, please contact your World Centric sales representative. All new products will be available in inventory January 15, 2013.



SB-CS-32 & SB-CS-48

World Centric donates to Seattle based People for Progress in India (PPI) to support grassroots social and environmental projects.

A recent project funded through PPI was a two-year tree-planting campaign to reduce carbon emissions and create a greener environment in three villages of the Duglapura cluster in Tarikere, India. The two-year project began in 2010 and has resulted in the  successful planting of more than 2,500 agro-horticulture plants (such as sapota, mango, lemon and jack fruit), 3,000 agro-forestry plants (teak, neem and silver oak) and a variety of herbal medicinal plants. Tree survival rates have been extremely successful, with the majority of tree varieties achieving survival rates of over 90%.

Timely care, monitoring, maintenance and water access contributed to sustain the planted trees. In addition, an awareness program was facilitated to discuss the value of bio-diversity conservation and best practices for organic farming systems.

Orientation Meeting


Teak Plantation

Two-year Progress of Teak

To learn more about People for Progress in India please visit To learn more about World Centric's donations, zero carbon efforts and sustainabilty programs, please visit our Sustainability page.

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