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According to Clean Water Action California, floating plastic outweighs all the plankton in the North Pacific Ocean 6 to 1! On land, California spent over $42 million on litter cleanup along its highways in 2011. Fifteen percent (15%) of this litter was polystyrene foam. Foam food ware breaks into small pieces and is blown into our local waterways and mistaken for food by fish, birds and other wildlife.

SB 568, the plastic foam food-ware ban, is going to the floor of the California State Assembly for a vote this month. Please join World Centric and 450 other California businesses and organizations by showing your support for the bill.

Sign the Clean Water Action online petition here. To learn more about the threat from plastic foam, please visit the Clean Water Action web site. After signing the petition, please call or email your local representative - a sample letter to your Assemblymember can be found at

Ban Plastic Foam In CA!

Click to watch the Clean Water Action Video on SB 568

If passed, SB 568 would phase out foam food ware statewide by 2016. Plastic foam containers leak carcinogens, like Styrene, into food and beverages. Many restaurants and cafes throughout the state have voluntarily switched to foam alternatives with great success!

With half of US counties now considered disaster areas due to recent drought, we've been interested in a few sustainable farming techniques that support communities at the local level. Could these techniques be good alternative practices as we face growing climate change worldwide?

"Farming Without Water" - CUESA

"Sustainable Farming Can Feed the World?" - Opinionator

"Dry Farming" - California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative

"The Malaysian Model for Smart, Self-sufficient Communities" - Earth Techling

World Centric looks to fund programs which have the potential to create self-sustaining communities, run by self-reliant people. If you know of programs like these (PPI, OTEPIC) - please let us know!

World Centric was happy to be a sponsor of the recent California Resource Recovery Association's 2012 Conference in Oakland, CA, Aug 5-8.

Dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability through zero-waste strategies, it was an educational and informative event - and we enjoyed a great keynote by Annie Leonard, writer of the The Story of Stuff!

We love to see World Centric Compostable Products in our local neighborhoods - and across the country!

Reach out and connect with us at @worldcentric and at

Bimbo's 365 Club, SF
Hayes Valley, SF
Golden Gate Park, SF

Soon to be the compost in the background
Last month we told you that World Centric was the official composting sponsor at this year's High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA, July 5-8.

The numbers are in and we helped divert 6,900 lbs. of food and compostable products waste out of the local landfill!

All of the compostable waste you see to the left is already on its way to becoming compost at the Northern Recycling commercial compost facility in Zamora, CA!
Contacts Products Contacts2
Contacts Products

What's the difference between compostable and biodegradable; commercial composting and backyard composting; Eco-labeling and green-washing? Learn the difference here.

And... as always.. please remember to compost your organics waste


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