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World Centric is proud to announce that it is working with Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to address its 2010 carbon emissions, totaling 4810 tons, by supporting innovative initiatives that keep millions of tons of CO2 in the ground.

Through a $25,000 donation to RAN’s small grant programs Protect-an-Acre and Climate Action Fund, World Centric is investing directly in community-based organizations, Indigenous federations and small NGOs that are fighting to protect millions of acres of forest. Deforestation is estimated to be responsible for nearly fifteen per cent of global carbon emissions and the projects these grant programs support are aimed at stemming this forest loss while also sequestering carbon from the atmosphere through ecosystem restoration and reforestation.

 Results from the grant made possible by World Centric include:

  • 2,500 acres of forest, held in customary ownership by Indigenous groups, will be entered into the process of securing official land title recognition, which provides communities with the legal grounds they need to protect their traditional territories.
  • 5,000 trees planted, often as buffer zones around existing forests; and/or as part of income and resource generating permaculture projects that help stop land degradation.
  • Support for frontline community organizations and activists who are directly challenging the fossil fuel industry in order to keep CO2 underground and protect their lives and livelihoods from adverse health, social and environmental consequences.
Please take a moment to read the World Centric Press Release.

You can learn more about Raiforest Action Network's Protect-an-Acre and Climate Action Fund
programs at www.ran.org.

To link to World Centric's Sustanablilty page, please visit www.worldcentric.org/sustainability.



It is World Centric's goal to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

World Centric strives to make a difference for the better - from enabling schools to replace Styrofoam™ and plastic, to creating self-sufficiency for low-income communities by way of kitchen gardens, agroforestry and water purification.

World Centric is proud to release the following information about its discounts and donations from 2010:


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