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USDA Biobased products help add value to commodities, create jobs in rural communities, increase U.S. energy independence by reducing the use of petroleum in manufactured products and may also reduce the introduction of fossil carbon into the atmosphere, thus mitigating potential climate change impacts. To learn more, please visit www.biopreferred.gov.

*While all World Centric products are independently Certified Comostable, USDA biobased labels are not composting certifications, as they are simply meant to designate products that are composed wholly or significantly of agricultural ("biobased") ingredients.

1. Compostable Paper/PLA Blended Items (Hot Cups and Bowls) 100% Biobased!

2. Material: Compostable PLA Items (Clamshells, Deli Containers, Cold Cups, Straws) 99% Biobased!

3. Compostable Plant Fiber (Clamshells, Plates, Bowls, Trays) 95% Biobased!

4. Compostable Heat Resistant Cutlery (PLA/Talc Blend) 93% Biobased!

New World Centric Plant Fiber and TPLA items, including heat-resistant cutlery items, have been approved at Cedar Grove compost facilities!
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We are happy to report that World Centric retail products can now be found in over 1500 retail outlets nationwide! Our products can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts and Henry's markets... and many more!.

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A big thanks to all of our partners out there helping promote our growth!

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