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World Centric's Carbon Offset Program

World Centric does more than just claim to be sustainable. We infuse sustainability into everything
we do. We’ve looked at our overall business operations and the impact they have on the environment.
As a result, we have created an extensive Sustainability Program which includes a zero carbon policy.

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To measure carrbon footprint, we account for everything it takes
to get our product to end users.  Not everyone thinks about what it takes to get a product onur ca the store shelf, in a restaurant, or in a kitchen.  This is exactly what we thought about to ensure our carbon is entirely offset.  At World Centric, we offset all of our carbon for all our products to the point they are delivered to you.

To start at the beginning, we have to measure emissions that
result in extracting what our products are made out of, from their raw material form.  These materialsare then further processed and manufactured, which also takes energy.  Once the products are made,
they have to travel to our warehouses, so we count inbound ocean freight transportation as well.

Any office and warehouse operations are offset, in addition to the outbound trucking it takes to get everything to our various customers.  Lastly, we calculate all commute and travel times of staff.
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Who we're working with:
Trees for the Future
In 2009 we planted 150,000 trees with
Trees for the Future in Cameroon.
Training in the southwest

PPI India
In 2009 we planted 25,000 trees with PPI in India
People's Project for India

Farming in India

At Work

To make sure our office operations don’t have a big impact,
we power everything using a combination of wind and solar,
which are both sources of renewable energy.  We do our best
to be a zero-waste office as well by sorting all of our compostables, recyclables and the little bit of waste we produce.
We encourage public transportation:

To reduce employee commuting carbon footprints, we reimburse
$250 a month per employee who utilizes public transportation. 
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