World Centric Quarterly Newsletter

Late Fall 2009

World leaders meet to discuss climate change

In December of this year, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to discuss our climate. The current state of our climate is a huge concern for all of us. Changes range from record temperatures, decreased ice caps, rising sea levels, and radical weather. The affects of these changes shape our very way of life, and unless nations can agree on implementing serious policies, we will be unable to ebb the flow of what’s to come.

The last time world leaders met to discuss the climate was for the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, which the U.S. infamously refused to sign. The guidelines for this Protocol included the reduction of four greenhouse gases produced by industrialized countries. While it was a first step in the right direction for climate reform, it has not been enough, as emissions have actually increased.

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This has lead to the upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen. Preliminary discussions show the main clash is between “rich” and “poor” nations, where the latter feel there needs to be financial assistance if strict guidelines are to be in place. The burden, they say, is not equal, and the rich nations must own up to their responsibility.

This argument comes from many who are hoping for stricter requirements than Kyoto. Without stronger guidelines, the potential consequences are frightening. Even more frightening is the possibility of no agreement reached at all.

Either way, what we can expect is more droughts and more flooding, less ice and snow, and more extreme weather conditions. Will we be the author of our own misery? Click here to view the potential results if we don’t act now.

Some of us believe we can help. A great example of this is solar energy, and recently World Centric sponsored and volunteered at Grid Alternatives Solarthon, where they fully installed a house with a solar electric system. The houses were for low income families, which will in turn lower their electric bills. Here’s to a future with innovative solutions like this.

Industry Trends

Recently, the FTC has cited some companies for “greenwashing” which is a term used to describe
the practice of untruthfully marketing products as environmentally friendly.

Usually this practice results in more resources spent on advertising products as being green, instead of being spent on environmentally sound practices. With companies like Kmart, Tender, and Dyna-E being cited, it’s clear the FTC is taking greenwashing very seriously. Make sure your green purchases walk the walk.

The FTC says with the recent growth in “green” advertising and product lines, the agency will continue its efforts to ensure that environmental marketing is truthful,
substantiated, and not confusing to consumers.

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