World Centric® products are compostable, not just “biodegradable.”

The Meaning of “Compostable”

Why choose “compostable” over “biodegradable?”
Why choose compostable products over petroleum-based products?

Find part of the answer by choosing the link to “Defining ‘Compostable',” above. The meaning of “compostable” has become confused for many people, largely due to a marketing practice known as “green-washing,” in which businesses seek eco-friendly customers through eco-friendly advertising. Instead of actually producing the most eco-friendly products they can, these businesses use deceptive language to attract consumers. Don’t be deceived!

Find another part of the answer in “Benefits of Compostables,” above. Every choice we make as consumers carries a broader meaning for our impact on the world. To choose compostables over petroleum-based products means to make lighter impacts on energy consumption, water consumption, and emission of pollution and toxins. Learn more.