World Centric products compost faster in commercial facilities than at home.
Characteristics of Compostable Materials:

Comparing Rates of Composting

The rates of biodegradation for different compostable products depend on the composition and thickness of the materials used, as well as the conditions of composting. Commercial composting facilities grind the materials, turn over the piles, and produce high temperatures in the piles, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to compost the materials. Home composting rates are slower and vary widely, depending on how frequently the piles are turned over, and on the moisture, material content, and temperature of the piles. As a result, World Centric recommends commercial composting as the best method for disposing of our products.

Time Required for Composting Several World Centric Products1

Product Home Composting Commercial Composting
Compostable (PLA) cold cups, deli containers, straws, etc. Not recommended 2-3 months
Compostable (PLA) utensils Not recommended 2-4 months
Compostable (PLA) trash bags and kitchen bags Up to 1 year 2-3 months
Wheat straw plates, take-out containers, bowls, cups, and trays Up to 6 months 2-3 months
Paper hot cups and bowls Up to 1 year 2-3 months

Page Note

  1. Composting times based on ASTM standards and in-house testing.