World Centric® measures environmental impacts of compostable products and their conventional counterparts.

Eco-Profiles of Compostable Products

Choosing products that have lighter environmental footprints than their conventional counterparts is one small step toward sustainable living. While World Centric® seeks a Zero Waste economy as our ultimate goal, we know that in the mean time, consumers and businesses must take transitional steps towards that goal, and those steps must be measurable. World Centric® compostable products are one measurable step in the right direction.

The environmental footprints of different products can be measured and compared through their “eco-profiles.” These profiles convey summaries of ecologically relevant information about the manufacturing of the products, like the amounts of energy and water consumed, and the amounts of carbon dioxide and pollution emitted. An eco-profile conveys only a subset of the information conveyed by a fuller life-cycle analysis, which would also consider the impacts of packaging, distribution, consumer use, and disposal.

Follow the links above to find eco-profiles that demonstrate how World Centric® products can help consumers and businesses reduce their environmental footprints in a number of important areas, including energy consumption, water consumption, carbon emissions, and pollution.